Day Tour at BE Resorts Mactan

Decided for a quick tropical getaway and thought of the perfect place to be ~Be Resorts, located in Punta Engano, Mactan  in the beautiful island of Cebu.

Me and my boyfriend traveled to Cebu last July 19, 2013 for some midyear vacay.  From the airport, we rode a taxi going to Be Resort. It could cost you around 120-150 Php. If you are on a tight budget, you may opt to ride the shuttle from the airport to Marina Mall, and then ride the jeepney with the sign Punta Engano.

There are a lot of well-known resorts in the neighborhood of BE. Some are Moevenpick, Shangrila, Portofino, etc. But what makes BE unique is that it's rightly priced with its stylish design and very accomodating staff.

We availed of their day tour for only 750 Php which is inclusive of:
~ Entrance fee
~Free use of all Swimming Pools and Beach
~Free use of towels
~ Rice Bowl for Lunch
~ choice of Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice or Iced Tea
-Unlimited Wifi Access 

These are Kenneth Cobunpue's creations. If you don't know who he is, he's an international furniture designer best known for his works for Brad  Pitt and Angelina. ;) #ProudPinoyMoments

The Salt Bar. Where Wi fi Access  is super kaduper fast. Really.

View from the Salt Bar

If you wish to go overnight, room rates start around 5,000Php. This includes Buffet Breakfast, Swimming, and you get to enjoy Parasailing, Island Hopping, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Jet Skiing and a whole lot more. 

When we got here, there are a lot of Korean Tourists. You'd probably think you're not in the Philippines. :)

What I liked most about this resort is that the staff make you feel like a millionaire from the way they treat you. They treat all guests equally,no biases for foreign tourists whatsoever. Even the gardener is so courteous. And the waiter named Sam accommodated us very well.

The only thing I kind of disliked was that there were some flies. But not really a big problem, the place is too beautiful to focus on those creatures.

 Getting a tan by their Infinity Pool

Got Pineapple and Orange Juice to add to the tropical feel.

Chicken Pork Adobo. yummy.
 Scuba Diving equipment. They have classes for beginners. Perfect for me, yay!

these photos are not all of it. there's more, so i suggest, you include this resort on your future destinations. 

til here. xx

BE Resorts
Punta Engano Road, Mactan Island
Cebu, Philippines 6015
contact number: (032)2368888
email: reservations-mactan@beresorts.com


Leche Flan

Living in the City of Sweets means having more chances of creating awesome desserts.
The sweeter, the better ;)

So, I'm going to share the recipe of my favorite dessert -Leche Flan

What you'll need:
--Aluminum Foil

--10 Medium- Sized eggs
--1 small can of Condensed milk
--1 cup Evaporated Milk/ Fresh milk
--1 cup Refined sugar (white)
--1 tsp. Vanilla extract


1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks (we'll only use the yolks)
2. Beat the yolks, and gradually add in the Condensed Milk
3. Add in the Evaporated milk and mix thoroughly
4. Add the Vanilla Flavor. (You can use Lemon extract if you like, but do not add more beyond 1 Tsp, as this may make the taste weird)
      tip: You can use a blender to mix all the ingredients. Saves time and effort ;)

5. Heat your mold on top of your stove
6. Using low heat, add in the Refined sugar and wait until its color turns brown ( Watch out when it's ready cause we don't want to burn the sugar)
7. Once is color is golden brown,let it cool down around 3-5 minutes
8. After it's cooled, add the Egg yolk and milk mixture
9. Cover your mold with aluminum foil.
10. Now, we will steam our mixture for 30-40 minutes
11. After which, we shall test if our mixture is ready. Take out your mold from the steamer, Put a toothpick on your mixture and pull it out. Once the toothpick comes out clean, then it means your Leche Flan is done :) (if not, return it to the steamer and try to let it cool for another couple of minutes)
12. Refrigerate your mixture.
13. You'll notice that the cooled refined sugar now becomes your syrup, and the egg mixture is a little firm.
14. Now, you can now serve your masterpiece and enjoy eating this calorie-bomb. :D

Where I got this recipe XD


I heart Bacolod

With 7107 beautiful Islands to explore, you wouldn't want to miss out the City of Smiles ;)

Coming to the Bacolod means spoiling your taste buds. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes around the metro, so it's very important to give up on your diet once you come here. haha.
Lemme share with you my top picks :)

For Lunch/ Dinner
21 Bar and Restaurant
  1. 27th Bascon
  2. Bob's
  3. Imay's
  4. Aboy's
  5. Chika-an
  6. Pepe's
  7. Kuppa
  8. Mooon Cafe
  9. ANB (Anak ng Baka)
  10. Sanders
  11. Balboa
  12. Mely's Garden
  13. Pala-pala
  14. Chicken House
  15. Manokan Country
For dessert
1. Calea
2. Felicia's
3. Miren
4. Cafe Bob's
5. Bascon Cafe
7. Green Trea


Anhawan :)

Located in the beautiful city of Iloilo, we can find a secret paradise- Anhawan Beach Resort.
There are a lot of  enjoyable amenities which will make your family and friends come back for more.
They have Horseback Riding, Swimming Pool, Sumptuous meals and a very beautiful beach.
Yes I'm a beach lover so I truly appreciate this place.
You can relax and unwind from your busy life.

More pics coming soon.

til here.


Cebu in 3 days :)

CEBU 2012

Long weekends call for trips, and this time, we went to Cebu for some sight-seeing and shopping.
For affordable travels, my tip is to plan ahead. 
Sure spontaneous trips are fun and exciting but planning ahead of time saves a lot of time, energy and chaching. :)

so there, we booked in advance our airline tickets. 
It's also great to watch out promo fares for great discounts ;)
Christmas tree at Mactan Airport

First Stop: Brunch at Shakeys- IT park

meet my cousin- Eunice
and my sister- Faye
chillin like a villain at Islands Stay Hotel
Since most hotels were fully booked at that time, we were forced to stay at Regal Hotel ( just in front of Ayala mall). We made online reservations to Sugbutel, unfortunately they are not quite updated with their website and did not honor our reservation. 
Anyways, we didn't regret staying at Regal Hotel for they offer us a good place to stay, buffet breakfast and it's very accessible. :)
so of course, staying at Regal means more shopping time at Ayala! wee :)

Ni Hao! 
We went to Taoist Temple. It's located in Beverly Hills- a private subdivision

 looks like we're in China right? thanks to the picturesque Chinese background.
You may wear shorts/ slippers in the temple, but inside the prayer room, you can't wear shorts.

 2012 is the year of the dragon so I had a pic with my Mushu. haha 

then we went for more shopping :)

and of course we tried the famous Skywalk at Crown Regency :)

 yes, our cebu trip was supah fun :)