Leche Flan

Living in the City of Sweets means having more chances of creating awesome desserts.
The sweeter, the better ;)

So, I'm going to share the recipe of my favorite dessert -Leche Flan

What you'll need:
--Aluminum Foil

--10 Medium- Sized eggs
--1 small can of Condensed milk
--1 cup Evaporated Milk/ Fresh milk
--1 cup Refined sugar (white)
--1 tsp. Vanilla extract


1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks (we'll only use the yolks)
2. Beat the yolks, and gradually add in the Condensed Milk
3. Add in the Evaporated milk and mix thoroughly
4. Add the Vanilla Flavor. (You can use Lemon extract if you like, but do not add more beyond 1 Tsp, as this may make the taste weird)
      tip: You can use a blender to mix all the ingredients. Saves time and effort ;)

5. Heat your mold on top of your stove
6. Using low heat, add in the Refined sugar and wait until its color turns brown ( Watch out when it's ready cause we don't want to burn the sugar)
7. Once is color is golden brown,let it cool down around 3-5 minutes
8. After it's cooled, add the Egg yolk and milk mixture
9. Cover your mold with aluminum foil.
10. Now, we will steam our mixture for 30-40 minutes
11. After which, we shall test if our mixture is ready. Take out your mold from the steamer, Put a toothpick on your mixture and pull it out. Once the toothpick comes out clean, then it means your Leche Flan is done :) (if not, return it to the steamer and try to let it cool for another couple of minutes)
12. Refrigerate your mixture.
13. You'll notice that the cooled refined sugar now becomes your syrup, and the egg mixture is a little firm.
14. Now, you can now serve your masterpiece and enjoy eating this calorie-bomb. :D

Where I got this recipe XD

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