packing for HK

For our family outing this year, we are going on an Asian trip. we are heading to the Hollywood of the East, Hongkong. it will be this Friday, so as of now, I'm getting ready with all my things and stuff.

things to remember when you pack:
- always bring important documents such as passport,, valid ID, plane tickets, official receipts from your hotel or copy of confirmed email from your travel agents, maps/ travel guides

-as much as possible, try to bring important things only, it's better this way so you won't pay additional baggage fee in the airport (which is quite expensive if you're in an international flight). just leave some space in your luggage for your shopping galore. ;)

- but don't forget to bring the essentials: toiletries, clothes fit for the weather, camera & trusty shoes 

-if you are choosing a traveling bag, pick one that's easy to spot on the carousel. Mine is a Light Pink Racini and my sister takes the Fuchsia and Grey bags

-know the weather condition and at least try to learn basic languages

so til here, I'm so excited for our trip. I hope this will be a fun one



girl crushes

Recently, I visited Pinterest.com to look for fashion ideas and just anything to fit my mood. I love how this site offers so many pics about anything under the sun. And apart from the usual girly stuffs that I search, I tried stalking on my girl crushes. Yep you heard it, every girl has one right? 
I just like them but that doesn't mean I am confused with my sexuality. :D
anyways, here they are:

starting off with  Victoria's Secret Angel- Miranda Kerr . 
No wonder Orlando can't take his eyes off her. she is real beauty. 
Need I say more?

next is also another VS angel. Behati Prinsloo
I really like her because of her charming smile. 
  not to mention a sexy bod too. :D

oh. and of course, Katie Cassidy
I first saw her in GG, but I started to like her in the movie Monte Carlo with Leighton and Selena. I've also seen her in Taken and Nightmare on Elm Street. (stalker much?) haha..

And last but not the least is Mila Kunis. Eversince she appeared as a ballerina in Black Swan, I couldn't help but admire her. And her quirky and carefree new yorker  role in Friends with Benefits made me like her more.. She has the most unique eyes and the nicest skin color. She's like Brazilian or something :D

so there it goes. My celeb girl crushes.who's yours?



Beach Please

They said that you couldn't fully enjoy your summer if you haven't taken a trip to the beach.
so, I made the summer of 2012 memorable by going to a lot of beaches here in the Philippines
This time, I took more of the scenery shots .
It's great to appreciate natural beauty isn't it?
These beaches are located at Bantayan Island cebu and virgin Islands.

this is the floating bar.
 perfect for those lazy hazy moments when you just want to sip your favorite shakes while being in a unique part of the beach.
what's great is that there is electricity in there. how? because they make use of the solar panel.
so amazing :D

underneath this cute terrace is a cave. we weren't able to visit it though cause we lack time. 
I'll try to visit there next time

so here's my cousin Eunice , my sister Faye and me enjoying the white sand and the cool wind

I got so excited that I took few photos of myself. 
the water is just so irresistible that the moment we were given the go signal to dive, I plunged in immediately. haha! :D anyways, til here.



Sea for Yourself

Surf, sea, sand, and  sun
Bantayan Island Cebu , I had all the fun
I'm back from my summer beach trip. 
And I must say that my dark chocolate skin is totally worth it. 

and of course no beach trip would ever be complete without the jump shot!!!

with my mom

don't you just love to relax , unwind and enjoy the cool wind?
I've been wanting to share this to you ever since I laid my eyes on this perfect setting.
 the beach, the breeze and everything in between captivated me.

so if you feel a little adventurous this summer, why not give Bantayan a try?
I'm sure you'll love it like I do cause there are a lot of things you can do there, like Island Hopping, kayaking, snorkeling, horseback riding, swimming, caving, and you can explore the town with full of historical stories. you can also exchange stories while having a bonfire at nighttime. you can not only get the perfect tan, you can also bring home lots of great memories.

getting there
1. from Bacolod, take a bus going to Sagay. from the Old Sagay Port, take the 2-hour Boat trip going to Bantayan. You must make sure you make it at the 9am trip because there is only 1 trip per day, unless there are special occasions where there are 2 trips made per day.

2. From Bantayan Port, you may ride the tricycles going to the resort of your choice. Most popular are Sta. Fe beach Club and Ogtong Resort. you could also contact your resort if there are transportation services.


1. from cebu, take the 4-hour ship ride to Hagnaya Port. it is a cargo ship so you could actually bring your car there. this port is nearer to the beach so it will be easier to go to your resort. 

for prices, just leave a comment or you may send me a message.