100 words

try to visit this site here.
you can write about anything. only 1 rule, there should only be 100 words, no more no less, everyday for a month.
sounds exciting right? so I decided to give it a try
 so here goes my first entry.

chapter 1. I can't clearly remember how I got here last night. I think I have a headache from the Tequila shots on Jas' party. After that incident which happened on 7th Street of our Village, my mind is still blown. I grabbed my cellphone only to open a text message from a stranger. "hope you are fine now. just call me. - Bryce" so it's real! it wasn't all a dream. I'm trying to recall what really happened last night when suddenly I heard someone scream, "Trisha, get up, you have 5 minutes to prepare for school. " it was mom.

feel free to comment to give the ending you want. I will be posting the whole story after I have finished the challenge. that way we can compare the stories we made.

Summer Girl

watched it? do you like it like I do?
Well maybe because it's officially summer!
It's the time of the year again. 
get those flip flops on, find your summer love, hit the beach and just enjoy the summer breeze.

In a week I will be visiting amazing beaches here in the country.
In the next month, I'm going out the country to see the other beautiful 
sights I've never seen before my very eyes.
I want this summer to be something I can cherish forever
 so how are you planning to spend your summer this year?