100 words

try to visit this site here.
you can write about anything. only 1 rule, there should only be 100 words, no more no less, everyday for a month.
sounds exciting right? so I decided to give it a try
 so here goes my first entry.

chapter 1. I can't clearly remember how I got here last night. I think I have a headache from the Tequila shots on Jas' party. After that incident which happened on 7th Street of our Village, my mind is still blown. I grabbed my cellphone only to open a text message from a stranger. "hope you are fine now. just call me. - Bryce" so it's real! it wasn't all a dream. I'm trying to recall what really happened last night when suddenly I heard someone scream, "Trisha, get up, you have 5 minutes to prepare for school. " it was mom.

feel free to comment to give the ending you want. I will be posting the whole story after I have finished the challenge. that way we can compare the stories we made.

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