It ain't the end of the world

2012 in a review
Since the Mayans are wrong,and the world didn't end at 12-21-12, I can truly say that 2012 is my year!! :)

so I compiled all my favorite photos which made my year. here they are:

(l-r) Barkada Christmas Party at Saltimboca; The Flash at Hongkong Ocean Park; with my favorite Cartoon Character- Tinkerbell at Disneyland; with my pretty officemates at Flow Superclub

( clockwise from left) pigging out at Cebu; Bacalaodiat celeb at Silver and Plum Sorrento; Graduation Day; Silka west,Kowloon

(l-r) Gala Acoustic night at Chicken J, Taosit Temple Cebu, Waterfront Cebu, Skywalk Extreme adventure- Crown Regency, Rj's 3rd Birthday at PRovidencia, Yeng's Concert with Ericka Villongco (1251)

cheers for the fun year! looking forward for 2013.xx

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