Hongkong photo diary

  Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true 

our first day
Our flight was scheduled at 10am, but since it was delayed, we got to join the 8am flight. that means, more time in HK! their airport is indeed very magnificent thus gaining its title as one of the world's best airports. ranking third after Incheon and Singapore.  isn't that amazing? :)

I love how everything's is so modern yet so clean :D

We stayed at Silka West Hotel.
 It is a 3 star hotel but believe me, their accommodation is more fit for a king! no wonder they have a lot of guests everyday. The interiors are really modern and classy.
The food is also superb.
And of course! not to forget about their stylish and very comfortable rooms.

don't mind our messy room. haha

click here for more details about the hotel ----> ♥Silka West Hotel
Since the hotel is in the middle of the city, we didn't have any problems where to eat. So after we had our dinner, we went to Metro Harbour Plaza, it's a mall that has a nautical theme. :D

2nd day at Avenue of the Stars

the magnificent fireworks display
2 thumbs up!

day 3.
super fun rides at HK Ocean Park
words can't express how much I enjoyed and almost died with  the rides. haha

day 4: 
breakfast buffet at Silka West Hotel
then shopping :)

definitely coming back soon :)