college life is about to end

so I've been in school since I can remember, and the thought of not being a student anymore gives me chills. 
anyways, done with the final exams. I still don't know the results. but I'm somehow hopeful that there's a positive result. Somehow all of the efforts of my parents for letting me study in a good school will finally pay off. 
what I'll miss about school, of course, my friends. so I'm posting pics of our uniform days. After grad, I'll never be able to use them again

my first friends in college. we're in the same section in accountancy - baba1c

and of course, my girl friends...


naughty girls.mean girls. grupo ni kat2. mary's chicks..whatever the name of the group, we'll remain friends til the end.
so til here. i'm getting a bit nostalgic when I see these old photos. 


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