Sex and the City

Last Saturday was a blast. Special thanks to the 3rd year MA who organized the event. oh and to the newbies (2nd yr) who were there. you all look gorgeous btw.

yet the most girly invitation I have seen

so there, we had pink accents :D

We had this game Guess the Pokemon. It's the battle between 4a and 4b. 
the mechanics of the game is so simple. we will guess who is our batchmate shown on the screen, but only the his/her mouth is shown. hahaha
we had a great time. I was the first one to guess.
and luckily, we won. :D

we had a great dinner. we were so full. thanks again to the 3rd year who paid for our meals.:D
oh and for the extra rice. haahaha


wiv the tall girls XD

And of course! my favorite roommates :D

the laughing pic. who is more original?

 so here are the juniors who organized it all
 ooh. and not to forget the cutesy keychain giveaway. we are definitely so loved.

 so here's our class picture. BSMA4B is <3
 why oh why. i didn't look at the camera. anyways, I'm still in the pic. haha

the night was awesome. pwede may part2? hehe  :p

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