Beach Please

They said that you couldn't fully enjoy your summer if you haven't taken a trip to the beach.
so, I made the summer of 2012 memorable by going to a lot of beaches here in the Philippines
This time, I took more of the scenery shots .
It's great to appreciate natural beauty isn't it?
These beaches are located at Bantayan Island cebu and virgin Islands.

this is the floating bar.
 perfect for those lazy hazy moments when you just want to sip your favorite shakes while being in a unique part of the beach.
what's great is that there is electricity in there. how? because they make use of the solar panel.
so amazing :D

underneath this cute terrace is a cave. we weren't able to visit it though cause we lack time. 
I'll try to visit there next time

so here's my cousin Eunice , my sister Faye and me enjoying the white sand and the cool wind

I got so excited that I took few photos of myself. 
the water is just so irresistible that the moment we were given the go signal to dive, I plunged in immediately. haha! :D anyways, til here.