packing for HK

For our family outing this year, we are going on an Asian trip. we are heading to the Hollywood of the East, Hongkong. it will be this Friday, so as of now, I'm getting ready with all my things and stuff.

things to remember when you pack:
- always bring important documents such as passport,, valid ID, plane tickets, official receipts from your hotel or copy of confirmed email from your travel agents, maps/ travel guides

-as much as possible, try to bring important things only, it's better this way so you won't pay additional baggage fee in the airport (which is quite expensive if you're in an international flight). just leave some space in your luggage for your shopping galore. ;)

- but don't forget to bring the essentials: toiletries, clothes fit for the weather, camera & trusty shoes 

-if you are choosing a traveling bag, pick one that's easy to spot on the carousel. Mine is a Light Pink Racini and my sister takes the Fuchsia and Grey bags

-know the weather condition and at least try to learn basic languages

so til here, I'm so excited for our trip. I hope this will be a fun one


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