girl crushes

Recently, I visited Pinterest.com to look for fashion ideas and just anything to fit my mood. I love how this site offers so many pics about anything under the sun. And apart from the usual girly stuffs that I search, I tried stalking on my girl crushes. Yep you heard it, every girl has one right? 
I just like them but that doesn't mean I am confused with my sexuality. :D
anyways, here they are:

starting off with  Victoria's Secret Angel- Miranda Kerr . 
No wonder Orlando can't take his eyes off her. she is real beauty. 
Need I say more?

next is also another VS angel. Behati Prinsloo
I really like her because of her charming smile. 
  not to mention a sexy bod too. :D

oh. and of course, Katie Cassidy
I first saw her in GG, but I started to like her in the movie Monte Carlo with Leighton and Selena. I've also seen her in Taken and Nightmare on Elm Street. (stalker much?) haha..

And last but not the least is Mila Kunis. Eversince she appeared as a ballerina in Black Swan, I couldn't help but admire her. And her quirky and carefree new yorker  role in Friends with Benefits made me like her more.. She has the most unique eyes and the nicest skin color. She's like Brazilian or something :D

so there it goes. My celeb girl crushes.who's yours?



  1. mine is Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester. but I like your choices too